DLF Play Zone

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DLF Play Zone

Introduced in India for the very first time, 'DLF Play Zone' from DLF offers a dedicated play area for children. The safe and secure environment of DLF Play Zone lets the parents indulge in stress free shopping while the kids enjoy themselves in an area meant especially for them!

Kiddyland offers a wide range of outdoor play structures, with swings, rope climbs, slides, sand pits. These play structures have been designed to enable varied skill development in your kids such as dexterity, promoting balance, role play, concentration, body control while promoting communication skills.

The area also includes fun activities like paint-a-poster, colour-up fun, photo banners, alphabet magic, finger puppets, cookie factory and water splash zones! Separate zones for play activities and storytelling, can also be booked exclusively for birthday parties!

To add even more excitement, DLF Play Zone also includes a Ball Pool Area which has more than 35,000 balls and a LCD TV where kids can come and enjoy free learning sessions through various movies!